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HP™ solutions let companies improve software quality by enabling all of the key steps in the software testing management cycle across development cycle.HP software is a leading supplier of QA and Testing tools such as Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, Load Runner, and more.

Microsoft™ is internationally acclaimed and the world’s largest software company started in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen with headquarters in the state of Washington, USA. Manufacturer of computer technology for personal and business computing offering a vast range of software.

IBM™ is the world’s largest information technology company. The inventor of IBM PC, one of the biggest research companies, hardware manufacturer, IT service provider, and many more. The list is endless. If you don’t know what IBM is, it seams like you shouldn’t.

Assure™ creates innovative products and solutions for HP Quality Center, allowing customers to standardize and enhance their HP Quality Center while lowering the TCO.
Assure’s HP endorsed software products address some of the key challenges customers face when working with HP Quality Center.

Compuware™ is a recognized industry leader in enterprise software and IT services that help maximize the value of technology investments. It offers a powerful set of integrated solutions for enterprise IT including IT governance, application development, quality assurance, and application service management.

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