Efficient and professional hardware validation has a tremendous impact on the reduction of architecture-to-product time line — from pre-silicon design through development, and through validation at the post-silicon stage. It also reduces the product’s development cost. The earlier the bugs are found, the cheaper the product’s fixing cost is. In today’s hardware testing environment, professionally trained employees are the most valuable resource.

Our goal is to prevail. Our verification and validation team is well-trained and has a lot of experience, and can fit in at any stage of a project.

We, at TestPro, have the complete solution for verification — from the design stage to stability and stress tests of the product, including IEEE certification.

  • ASIC and FPGA designers — Verilog/VHDL experts.
  • Simulation and verification — for RTL stage, writing test bench for testing modules, automation tests, and random test development.
  • Manual tests for communication simulation — using MATLAB.
  • Specman experts.
  • Board designers and validation engineers — familiar with up-to-date testing tools such as Spectrum Analyzer, Signals generator, Logic analyzer, high frequency scope, etc.

Our hardware verification engineers are experienced electronics engineers who graduated from leading universities all over the world. Whether you are developing your own hardware or considering to purchase a ready product, we’ll come up with a solution that matches your testing needs, schedule, and budget. TestPro’s hardware quality assurance testing involves the painstaking, step-by-step verification that you need to be confident that your users have the experience they are supposed to.

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