Test Pro – The Professional Effect Management Information Systems

By MIS, we refer broadly, at TestPro, to all computer-based systems that provide managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and efficiently running their departments.

MIS are mission critical applications. A failure in your ERP, or CRM application may mean disaster for your overall business operation.

When you’re dealing with your organization’s most crucial assets, errors cannot be tolerated.

Testing Methodology:

MIS application, such as any application, requires functional testing to determine it follows the application requirements.

However, when you introduce an MIS application into your organization, it’s usually accompanied by changes to your technological infrastructure. These changes carry considerable impact on issues such as loads, performance and data security.

MIS Testing Breakdown:

  • Functional testing: Test the application functionality against its requirements.
  • Environment testing: Verify environment runs properly according to system specifications.
  • Data Conversion Test: Verify conversion from legacy system into ERP system.
  • Load & Performance Test: Examine the system functionality under various user loads, within the new technology environment.
  • Regression Test: Ensure the latest modifications caused no regressions.

TestPro Expertise:

  • We break the large project of testing giant MIS applications into few testing layers.
  • We plan and operate module testing, integration testing, and system testing.
  • At project that we are involved in early stages, we apply static tests in project definition to spot errors in process definition, such as unsupported edge points.
  • We use automatic testing tools, load testing tools, and designated tools specifically designed at TestPro for MIS testing.
  • We put emphasize on collaboration with end users and application engineers during all project stages.
  • We are committed to project schedules. We have the entire company commitment to project successfully delivery.
  • We put emphasis on professionalism, employing highly qualified men.
  • At TestPro we have applied hundreds of testing projects in various organizations and systems. The company has acquired wide knowledge and experience in software quality assurance of MIS projects.
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