TestPro has a lot of experience in Quality Assurance and Testing of various Defense and Military Software Development Projects.

TestPro has tested applications in many fields:

  • Command & Control systems (NMS, GIS, …).
  • Airborne systems (FAA according to 178 b standard on level A).
  • Weapon systems – Airborne systems, vehicle systems.

General Standards

  • DOD-STD-2167A Defense System Software Development, 29 Feb 1988.
  • DI-MCCR-80014A, 29 Feb 1988.
  • MIL-STD-498 Software Development and Documentation 5, Dec 1994.
  • DI-IPSC-81438 Software Test Plan 5, Dec 1994.

TestPro specialists may define the Testing Lab environment for test implementation along with functional testing over given API or system’s SDK.

Testing Types

  • ATP testing.
  • Stability test.
  • Safety test for weapon system.
  • White box testing (unit).
  • Algorithms testing.
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