TestPro provides Quality Assurance services for the Telecommunications industry and for those companies that networking is their core business.

The telecommunications market is dynamic and competitive, using rapidly changing technologies to deliver increasingly advanced services to an ever-growing consumer base. Rapid market penetration and high quality products are critical success factors in this industry.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, telecommunication testing must move quickly and cost-effectively by using the technologies your customers require.

That often means that the old model of testing in-house skills and experience in specific technologies and equipment needs to be replaced by a more time and cost-efficient process.

TestPro has the required skills to allow customers to move quickly, with high quality and within required project time frames.

TestPro understands the diverse business and technological approaches required to successfully implement telecommunications systems, products, and services.

Our experience enables us to thoroughly understand our client’s needs and provide innovative, customized solutions.

Our quality assurance methodology and testing expertise ensures both short and long term improvements, such as rapid market penetration with minimal failures, reduced financial risks, reduced maintenance and support costs, product robustness, improved service and future development capacity. Telecommunication systems are tested using both state-of-the-art specific testing tools (traffic/protocol generators, simulator/emulators) and test automation tools (Capture and Playback tools, Test Management tools).

Our experience with systems:

  • Voice/Video Over IP (VoIP)
  • Wireless/Telephony
  • Cellular
  • RF
  • Optical Communication (SDH/PDH)
  • Network Management
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