STAR serves the defense and civil industries in testing coplex environments using unique Automation suite

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The automation Solution – STAR from TestPro for Complex Environments

The operation of off-the-shelf tools in the field of test automation is object-oriented. The tool recognizes a software object, reads its properties and methods and imitates user actions for software testing purposes.Some projects feature “black areas” in which object-oriented automatic tests cannot be performed as the objects are not standard and the object-oriented method has difficulty in identifying them. For instance, an aircraft object on a map cannot be identified, just as a ball on a board will not be identified (as in games such as roulette).

In addition, non-standard objects also have “non-standard” development environments which also prevent identification of objects, such as non-Windows operating system environments such as Unix, Linux, Mac, AS400 or mobile operating systems such as iPhone, Win Mobile/CE and others.
The TestPro laboratories have developed a suite of supplementary tests for these “black areas” and for the various operating systems called STAR. The product suite works in conjunction with QTP and QC and provides all of the advantages of automatic testing in areas that were until now considered impossible to automate.

STAR – Software Test Automation Robot – is a suite containing:

  • A high-powered tool that operates with an image processing method (Robot) at a rate of 100 milliseconds.
  • A flexible and efficient KDT (Keyword Driven Test) Engine allowing the automation of scripts for manual testers with no code writing background.
  • LIB – a broad and focused function library.
  • Interface with leading management and automation tools such as QTP and QC.
  • Structured work methodology.
  • Training package and focused course for clients and their employees.
  • Professional and skilled human resources for assimilation purposes.

Integration of STAR into an automation setup based on Off-The-Shelf tools such as QTP
A standard off-the-shelf tool navigates the system being tested and simulates user actions.
When it encounters a “black area”, it activates STAR using a simple function. The STAR robot, which is based on image processing, is able to pass through the non-standard areas and then immediately restore control to QTC for further activity and reporting to QC.

Image processing-based automation is a different approach than that employing object identification. STAR uses image identification in order to create the objects in the desired manner and thus bypasses the need for object identification (creating an object repository) in complex and non-standard environments in which identification is impossible.

The sophisticated STAR algorithm allows the creation of an image-based object repository. An image (and all of its onscreen appearances) can be “found” within 0.1 seconds and then manipulated by users. We “create” image objects and save them in the STAR Object Repository, so that they can subsequently be found in any location onscreen, just like the traditional approach used by standard off-the-shelf tools on objects.

STAR allows the easy identification, marking as object and tracking of: an aircraft icon displayed in a map environment, a ball on a roulette wheel, an enemy target on a radar screen, invasive medical apparatus on an OR screen and more. The tool will look for an image (or part of an image as defined by the user) of each of the above and find onscreen appearances of the objects. It is possible to create an object that ignores its background, for instance – we can track an aircraft object in a map environment despite the fact that it is moving against a background of rapidly changing map topology.

This unique solution opens up a new world for automation opportunities in environments that until recently were closed to them. TestPro is Israel’s leading company in the field of software testing automation, particularly in complex environments.

Figure 1.0 – STAR Integration in an Automatic Testing Setup

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