STAR Service enables you to automate your GIS application testing.

Using STAR you can:

    • Automate your Tests on ANY environment and platform  – Windows, UNIX, ,Linux, Web, Mobile and more
    • Automate your GIS applications – With powerful “Tracking Line” algorithm and recognition of child objects within that line.
    • Automate whatever you see on screen – with additional powerful algorithms as  Image recognition, Image pass rate, RGB recogntion, Shape recogntion ,OCR and more
    • Automate your GPS, Maps, Military GIS applicaiton and Civilian GIS application   and many more.
    • Verify GIS Data – Verifying data on screen to Data Bases
    • Use ready functions to save time – Huge already made library function to save time on writing script and better ROI.
    • KDT approach – Key Word Driven approach lets you build your scripts in graphical easy way.

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