Cost restructuring:

    • Lowering the overall cost of the service to the business; balancing costs and expenditures.
    • Attractive prices − which compare favorably with the price of similar services provided by companies in other regions.
    • Flexible pricing − reduced costs and increased efficiency using modular service solutions.

    Improve quality:

    • Achieving a great improvement in quality by outsourcing the service with a new service level agreement.
    • Assimilation of methodologies, methods and tools to cover all quality aspects.
    • Outsourcing software testing, allowing you to focus on your core business.

    Knowledge Access:

    • Access to intellectual property and wider experience and knowledge.

    Access to expertise:

    • Access to a larger, sustainable source of skills.
    • Added value from TestPro experience in software testing.
    • Strong management creates a professional umbrella for staff activities.

    Capacity management:

    • Using the resources of an outsourcing organization to manage capacity.
    • Reduced time to market through the additional capability provided by TestPro.
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