Test Pro – The Professional Effect Working Model & Solution Overview

The Model

    • TestPro offers a basket of software testing solutions in an offshore model that is suited to the customer’s needs.
    • Our working model focuses on a Hi-Tech Testing Hothouse as a base for professional technological activities that brings together knowledge and vast experience in managing software testing projects.

Solution Overview

    • Within the Hi-Tech Testing Hothouse we analyze the customer’s needs and objectives in order to build the best working model for both sides, including working methods, processes, reporting routine, and more.
    • All engineers receive in-depth training on the customer’s system, gaining knowledge about the product’s technology, system architecture, functional flows and networking.
    • Our teams use advanced testing techniques and testing tools such as automation and load simulators.
    • The Hi-Tech Testing Hothouse is experienced in managing integration projects and control processes with external providers.
    • The activities within the Hi-Tech Testing Hothouse are fully transparent to the customer throughout the entire project, with analysis and reporting protocols.
    • We adhere strictly to procedure for constant improvement of the teams’ professionalism and efficiency.

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