Software project managers and developers building today’s applications face the challenge of doing so within an ever-shrinking schedule and with minimal resources. As part of their attempt to do more with less, organizations want to test software adequately, but as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

To accomplish this goal, organizations are turning to automated testing. The vast experience of TestPro in the QA market, particularly in automated testing, allows us to provide a full complex of services from the very beginning of the project until its successful completion. TestPro’s engineers may start the project from scratch or join one already in progress, providing all their skills and knowledge along with the expertise of TestPro as a whole.

TestPro works in close cooperation with world leaders in automation tools and has the ability to develop additional functional testing tools over the system’s API. TestPro’s automation experts will analyze the system and the current testing process and propose the best way to implement automation. TestPro works according to time-proven methodologies used worldwide. Our managers are among the best at building a project’s roadmap, arranging milestones, and ensuring that any schedule will be met.

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