Complex Environments

In advanced defense and civil applications, command and control systems depend on software. Before the live deployment of new-release or upgrade projects, it is necessary to perform dependable, detailed, and realistic functional and performance testing. Evidently, conventional testing approaches can no longer provide the essential operational effectiveness needed from modern individual or integrated systems. Consequently, advanced testing methods are necessary for reliable end-user interfaces.

TestPro serves the defense and civil industries in testing complex environment projects and unique technologies, improving productivity, quality, and security, while reducing cost. TestPro’s team of experts design and perform proper Automatic Testing for any kind of Operating System, using Image Driven Automation. TestPro provides non-invasive, non-intrusive, and remote testing methods that are essential for security-sensitive industries with classified systems and undisclosed technologies.

Advantages of TestPro’s testing methods:

  • Unique image recognition technology for automatic visual testing of end-user interfaces.
  • Solutions for various Operating System platforms, running on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and Mobile OS — Symbian, WinCE, Blackberry.
  • Solutions for various systems using different technologies and Reach Media applications including, AS400, Web 2.0, Flash, Dev-Express, WPF, and many more.
  • Uncompromised testing of classified systems.
  • Mobile phone devices can be used to run directly remote testing methods.
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