Part of the effort to reduce time in building QA constellation, knowledgeable resources are crucial for achieving that goal. As a company who is an expert in QA, we suggest a variety of seminars to enhance the capabilities of companies.

There are many tools that, when carefully selecting the right one, can dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness of testing process — all are included in our seminars:

QA Methodology:

  • Managing Test Projects.
  • Assimilating Automation into QA Process.
  • Assimilating Risk Analysis into QA Process.
  • Assimilating Metrics into QA Process.
  • Hardware Verification.
  • Basics of Software Testing.
  • Handling Bug Management Systems.

Load & Stress Test Tools:

Test Management Tools:

  Automatic Test Tools:



Also, we provide consulting meeting to suit seminar according to specific company needs and problems.

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